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Fire Walking; Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.

Fire Walking was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I consoled myself with the knowledge that millions of people before me had done this, and lived, unscathed, to tell the tale.

It was midnight, and for the previous eight hours, our group of about twenty had been thoroughly schooled on attaining the mental state necessary for fire walking. For this, you must be mentally ready - totally focused, relaxed and confident - confident in the belief that your feet will not be burnt while walking on the red-hot coals. Such is the power of the mind.

Three times I stepped to the edge of the glowing bed of red hot coals and felt the overpowering, intense heat. The first and second time I had to step back because I sensed a heavy invisible veil in front of me, preventing me from moving forward – a veil of pure fear, and I knew I was not mentally ready.

On the third attempt, I knew I was ready, both mentally and physically, and stepped onto the red-hot coals. My bare feet making a crunching sound as I walked. I was totally focused, relaxed and confident, and my feet just felt pleasantly warm.

It was an incredible experience, and when I reached the far end, I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment – a realisation that there was nothing in this world that I could not achieve if I set my mind to it. How powerful is that!

I faced my fear that night and moved beyond it. Oh, what an incredible feeling!

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Kaylene Hay
Kaylene Hay
25 Μαρ 2019

Hi Yvonne, The fire walking is something else isn't it. I did it back in 1997 and I still have my piece of charcoal from the fire as a reminder, if I needed one. Such a powerful exercise and I'll always be grateful to the organisers of that week's retreat for helping me do it. Power of the mind, we can do anything! Lots of love ... Kaylene

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