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‘To Soar’ Has Many Meanings

During one of my early mentoring sessions with Ocean Reeve we were discussing my fear of public speaking and overcoming the different fears we all tend to cling to through our lives, “ sky diving.” he said.

“I’d do that,” I exclaimed. It was the birth of an exciting idea.

To celebrate the publishing of my book, titled “Lorraine – A Free Spirit”, and because for me it would be such a great achievement, Ocean and I decided to do something daring ... something challenging ... something way out of our comfort zone. We were going sky diving! How awesome, a little scary but very exciting at the same time.

Ocean Reeve and I prior to strokes.
Ocean Reeve and I prior to strokes.

However, like so many best laid plans, this was not to be. A few months later, in January 2017, I managed to have a minor stroke and ended up in hospital – which, to follow my doctor’s insistence; put an end to our sky diving antics. June/July of that same year was again spent in the hospital, recovering from a second stroke, so any residual, fleeting ideas of skydiving parachuted out my hospital window.

Myself, Luke Amery, Barb and Ocean at my launch

It is amazing how a setback like a stroke altered my whole persona. Initially, it deprived me of my self-confidence, and for a while, I doubted myself and my ability. However, with support and encouragement from family and friends, I soon began to shake off those feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty.

Since then, I have regained my motivation and focus and have remained totally dedicated to seeing this book published. Today, I am soaring on a different level as I have achieved my goal.

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