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About ten years ago, I unwittingly started a journey that has since grown and evolved. I was reading through my daughter Lorraine’s letters, reliving memories, and decided that I should record them all in one journal. I subsequently filled three handwritten, foolscap notebooks, with more to come.

I knew I wanted to do something with this as it had been a long-time dream of Rainey’s to have her writing published.

It never occurred to me then, that one day I would be standing on the threshold of Ocean Reeve Publishing, with my manuscript in hand; my book titled “Lorraine – A Free Spirit.”

This was not the end of my journey - it was the beginning of our dream becoming a reality.

Compiling this book, with the invaluable help of my daughter Barbara, has been a highly emotional journey, punctuated by much laughter, wonderful memories and many tears.

It is an inspirational story of a young woman’s journey – a true story of life and death, love and laughter, of achievement, faith, despair, hope and courage and the many challenges and experiences encountered on life’s path.

I also felt that Rainey had a message to share ... a message of positivity, encouragement and hope. I hope that her story will inspire and touch the hearts of many readers.

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